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5 Things About Donald Trump You Didn't Know

By Teja Basireddy 

Donald John Trump, born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York, the man who knows "a tiny leak can sink a ship" is a very influential media personality with his own TV show - "The Apprentice", currently a Presidential candidate and has married 3 times with 5 children. The Trump brand is a culmination of industries which include real estate, mortgages, entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, etc. The Real Estate billionaire synonymous for luxury living is renowned for having the most celebrated addresses in NYC and around the world. The Trump signature is seen through his sumptuous constructions including the Fifth Avenue skyscraper, Trump Parc, Trump Tower, Trump plaza, The Trump World Tower, 610 Park Avenue, etc. Below are some of the interesting facts about Trump that one needs to know:

1. Bankruptcy - Donald Trump did not always eat from silver plates and had his share of misfortunes. In the year 1990, he almost went bankrupt and was left with almost $4 billion USD in debt. He had to give up 50% of the stakes of the renowned Taj Mahal Casino to the bondholders to grope out of the dire situation. It was a major hit and Trump never faced such threatening bankruptcy problems in his life; although, he did face several crises which were negligible to his position. Today, Trump stands as the CEO of the "Trump Organization" that owns over 100 companies.

2. Football - In the year 1983, Donald Trump owned the New Jersey Generals which was a franchise of the USFL (United States Football League). Although, the whole event had to come to a halt after three years (1983-1985) there is no denying that the team of Trump produced some of the skilled players of the game like Herschel Walker.

3. Wrestling hustles - The representative of Trump won over the representative of McMahon during the Wrestlemania-23 which hosted the fued titled "Battle of billionaires". Trump got the privilege to shave the head fo McMahon which was the bet agreed before the match. There was much controversy when Trump was said to have bought the infamous wrestling show "Raw" in the year 2009 from the owner Vince McMahon. However, there was official announcement that there was no such 'sale'.

4. Teetotaler - Donald Trump lives the life of a rich prince, but never got interested in taking alcohol. He is believed to be a teetotaler without much affection to booze, which should be an inspiration for those who drool in the mirth of this dangerous habit.

5. Board game - There is a board game on Trump and it is known as "Trump: The Game" and it was released in the year 1989, but it had to be discontinued as this game didn't became popular in terms of reviews and sales as well. The game is similar to monopoly but it couldn't receive the attention. However, it stands out as a record because no other Presidential candidate has a board game named after them.

Disregarding the controversies and extrovert nature of Donald Trump, his life is a lesson for everyone desiring to achieve unscalable heights through determination. The billions in his pockets show his determination as an individual and he will be an inspiration for many generations to come.

Teja is an active and experienced freelancer maintaining a website: http://classicalartsuniverse.com/ which contains more such interesting facts and information on the greatest artists that ever walked on this planet.

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