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Are Summer Camp High Ropes Courses Scary?

By Genie Fletcher 

Summer camp is a place where every day is guaranteed to involve some type of adventure and high ropes courses are part of the camping experience. Yet, it is common for both parents and their kids to hesitate a bit when it comes to activities that involve an element of risk, especially if the kid is afraid of heights. While almost every camper will give a different answer regarding whether or not high ropes courses are scary, understanding how they work to build skills such as leadership and confidence will help you encourage your son or daughter to give it a try.

Safety Demonstrations

No camper ever hits the high ropes course without first being briefed regarding the safety rules and types of equipment used to protect them from injury. Knowing that only state-of-the-art harnesses and other equipment is being used gives kids reassurance that they will be safe on the ropes. During these safety demonstrations, campers are taught how to check their gear, and they get the chance to experience a short fall so they know that their harness will hold their weight.

Strategic Course Progression

High ropes courses are designed to foster a camper's ability to trust in themselves and others. For this reason, no one ever starts at the highest element. Instead, kids begin with small challenges that let them test out their skills and courage before moving on to the big thrill. Often, a camper will start on a low ropes course before progressing to the higher ropes. This allows those who are afraid of heights to slowly acclimate to the sensation of being off the ground.

Kid-Directed Advancement

Since the point of a high ropes course is to focus on building trust in one's abilities, campers are never forced to tackle an element that sparks serious fear. Instead, they are encouraged to go at their own pace and to try new elements as their comfort level increases. While gentle encouragement is offered to help kids overcome hurdles, staff members and the other campers never pressure anyone to tackle an obstacle they find scary. Instead, kids tend to advance on their own due to their natural sense of adventure when previous elements become too easy.

Rewards for Safe Risk-Taking

Camp is the perfect place for kids to learn how to take safe risks. Developing the ability to assess a situation and decide to step out of their comfort zone pays off when they can leave camp with the confidence to raise their hand in class or score that impossible goal on the sports field. On a high ropes course, kids will find fun and rewarding elements such as zip lines and giant swings that let them literally fly through the air with exhilaration after conquering their fear.

So are summer camp high ropes courses scary? A little bit... but that's the point. Kids are naturally drawn to thrills that satisfy their need for adventure and high ropes courses use that need to teach them how to overcome fear and learn to trust in their own abilities. With every element of the course that a kid conquers at camp, they develop a strong sense of self-confidence which inspires them to reach new heights in every area of their life.

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